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Best Gaming Consoles: Buyer’s Guide & Assessment

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Best Gaming Consoles in 2022

What’s the best video game consoles in 2022?

Nintendo Entertainment System and Atari are the roots of the gaming future. Nowadays many companies are making gaming consoles for the new generation games. In this race top companies like Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, and Sega Retro are contributing their best for gaming technology. They manufacture awesome gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, Retro Game Console, Sega Genesis, and others for new generation gaming experience. If you love PC and laptop games then you might need the best gaming mechanical keyboard.

Simple consoles are best for family, children, and casual gaming experience. On the other hand, the true lovers of games love to play on 4K resolution on Ultra HDTV, but if, you don’t have UDH technology LED then the hardware inside the gaming console provides amazing performance. As well as if you upgrade your TV in future to 4K technology then these are compatible with them, it means you don’t have to change your console.

If you are travel frequently and want to take games with you then portability is another concern. For that scenario, the gaming father, the Nintendo Switch is the finest choice. We have researched and picked the top gaming consoles for you to decide which one is perfect for you. Our research is based on purely from 4K machines to portable devices. Best consoles and devices are chosen on the base on technology, user experience, and hardware specifications. We also researched game libraries, technical features, prices, and some other factors.

As we mentioned above there are many consoles available in the market and categories are defined. If you are interested to buy any of them, then we suggest you must read the in-depth review of the chosen product. Here we mentioned all of their features and inside reviews which surely take some consideration for you to buy the perfect gaming console.

Here the list of the best gaming consoles you love to buy:

1. Xbox One S 1TB Console – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bundle

Xbox One S Best Gaming Consoles

Product Description:

Microsoft’s Xbox One S 1TB is the most wanted gaming console among any Xbox gaming consoles. It arrives along with a wireless controller. They also provide one month free of cost access of Xbox Live Gold (provide you the facility to play with your family and friend as it is an advanced technology of multiplayer network), Xbox Game Pass (from this feature you can enjoy more than 100 games), as well as one month EA access (you can try latest games before launching). Game Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition also downloadable free.

Plus point is, it works with Alexa. It has also the option to upgrade the console. Moreover, this is the individual console that is specifically designed to play not only present but past and future games also. You can play more than 2200 games including classics from Xbox 360 as well as 200 exclusive games. Remember games sold separately.

It’s the best entertainment video game console. 4K high definition Blue-Ray movies could be steam online with this console. Netflix is accessible with this console. Xbox One S uses high luminous with a high dynamic range of technology.

You can also play games not only on Xbox but also on Windows 10 without any additional charges. If you buy Xbox All Access then they provide 2 years subscription to Xbox Gold Live (elaborated above) and Xbox Game Pass (explained above).

One year hardware warranty (3 months controller and accessories warranty) provide you ease if you got any problem (which are rare). You can also upgrade your console but remember your console must be in good condition (you have to pay as per their term and conditions).

Technical Information:

Microsoft manufactures Xbox consoles. Its dimensions are 2.6 x 13.2 x 12.9 inches and its weight is 10.58 pounds. 2 AA batteries required to operate it which are included in the package. Users rated it 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

2. Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con

Nintendo Switch

Product Description:

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con Gaming Console is the most users rated and high in demand. It has 3 styles of play modes including Tablet Mode, TV Mode, and Handheld Mode. The screen is a multi-touch capacities having a 6.2 inch of the display. Multiplayer gaming facility connected over Wi-Fi. Wireless 8 consoles could be connected with multiplayer mode. It’s your choice to play individually or multiplayer.

It includes Nintendo Switch Dock and Nintendo Switch Console. Left and right Joy-Con controllers are in Red and Blue color. In this model, the battery life is amazing up to 9 hours (depends on the games you are playing). For example, If you are playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, then the battery lasts for almost 5 hours. You can play your favorite games anywhere if you are traveling or at home. You can enjoy features of full home console anywhere and anytime with the Nintendo Switch system. Joy-Con controllers allow you to enjoy your video gaming experience everywhere.

Tabletop Mode allows you to enjoy games with Stand which prop the system up. The separable style authorizes you to detach Joy-Con from each side of Nintendo Switch. You can use both Joy-Con in each hand as well as two-player can take one each. Additional Joy-Con could be ordered separately for additional players.

Last but not the least feature of the Nintendo Switch Console is the parental control option. Nintendo Switch Parental Control app is available to download and set multi restrictions of the games including purchases as well as monitor game playing time and much more. It is perfect for parents to set the control on the system with a free app.

Technical Information:

Nintendo is the Manufacturer. Product Dimension is 2 x 2 x 1 inch with a very lightweight of the product of 3.75 pounds. It needs Lithium-ion batteries to run and the number of batteries required is 3 which are included in the package. The user reviews and rating (almost 18000 users) is 4.75 stars out of 5 stars.

3. PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

PS4 Pro

Product Description:

Sony, the name which we recognize from our childhood. PlayStation 4 Pro gaming console is one of the richest with adventures. PS4 Pro is the supreme console ever. The menu of the user interface is exceptional. The Controller is silky and pleasant to handle. It intensifies your gaming experience. PS4 Pro having boost mode which enhances your quests. The advantage of this boost mode to the player is quicker frame rates, improved image clarity, and much more. It supports 4K TV with heightened HDR technology. The range of colors with HDR, the display is incredibly vivacious. It is specially designed to boost more power of performance and graphics to your favorite games. The 4K HDR TE supporting technology as well as 1080p HD TV support is one step above from others. PS4 Pro turn your television to 4K Gaming TV.

It also works like 4K entertainment media. You can stream online 4K videos, your favorite movies, or shows directly from your gaming console. Keep in mind, for streaming 4K videos or other 4K compatible content or services you need a vigorous internet link. As well as, a compatible 4K display screen or TV. It is also a future-proof console, as if you upgrade your TV to UHD it is compatible with both.

Sony’s PS4 Pro is the first 4K having a full HD resolution console ever. Microsoft and other companies manufactured 4K compatible console later on. DualShock 4 controller upgraded in PS4 Pro which is the most needed. Overall the hardware is great and having a compact library of games. Boost mode enhances your older gaming experience. The 4K Ultra HD technology compatibility is the plus point. It also supports the PS VR headset. Point to be remember it does not have 4K Blu-Ray player. You need to buy it separately.

Technical Information:

Sony Corporation is the core manufacturers of all PlayStations including PS4 Pro. Product dimensions are 11.61 x 2.17 x 12.87 inches. The weight of the product is 10.67 pounds. It requires 1 lithium polymer battery to operate which is included in the package. Users have given 4.7 stars out of 5 stars which is much satisfactory.

4. Xbox One X 1TB Console – New Latest Console for Serious Gamer with Bonus Features

Xbox One X

Product Description:

After Microsoft’s Xbox One S popularity the company launched Xbox One X for serious gamers including extra features. The Xbox One X is the best video game console that includes a wireless controller in the box. Same as Xbox One S the company allows you to download star wars Jedi: Fallen order deluxe edition. It also includes cosmetic skin, moreover a digital art book, and 90 minutes of video featuring behind the scenes.

You can enjoy the most wanted features free of cost includes Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for the console as well as EA access for a trial period of one month. You can access 100+ high-quality games as well as console upgrading option if you purchase through Xbox All Access. You have to pay on monthly basis up for 24 months, there is no upfront cost and no hidden charges.

It’s a new generation gaming console that works with all the best games of Past, Present, and Future. It means no worry to buy a new console soon if you have Xbox One X gaming console. Great library having 2200+ games with 40% more power than other video game console. You can enjoy true 4K gaming experience. Don’t mess up with your PC for upgrading, just go for the Xbox One X and enjoy the 4K gaming right at your TV screen. The 4K Blu-ray player is the bonus feature in this best gaming console. It is just a plug and plays device no need any immense installation.

Xbox One X is the greatest authoritative video gaming console right now. The true 4K HDR competency along with 4K Blu-Ray players make is unique among the best gaming consoles. The compatibility with Xbox 360 games as well as futures games is the foremost point to rate it high. In the end, a question arises why it has only 1 TB HDD? Yes, the company needs to upgrade its HDD capacity as if install more favorite games of the 4K it requires more drive space. Anyhow, this is the only minor point, overall this the best gaming console to enjoy true video games.

Technical Information:

Microsoft the legend of the gaming console is the manufacturer. Product dimensions are 5.4 x 12.5 x 18.8 inches. Its weight is 12.47 pounds. 2 AA batteries required for it which are included. Users rated it high of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.

5. SEGA Mega Drive Mini (Electronic Games)

SEGA Mega Drive Mini

Product Description:

SEGA, the most favorite gaming company for the generations. SEGA Mega Drive Mini is best for the children. It includes built-in 40 legendary games. No need any installation, its plug, and play ready drive. AS earlier Nintendo released the mini version of classic gaming consoles like NES Mini. Now the Sega introduces the mini-game console which is the best gaming console for kids as well as teenagers. It is the official release of the Sega Company. It includes two wired controllers along with HDMI cable and USB power cable. The USB power adapter is not included but you can use your mobile charger adapter.

The mini gaming console is awesome. The buttons are responsive and the D-pad works amazing. Not many settings required to play the wonderful already installed 40+ games. There are not sports games included in the game package but other games are worth playing like Sonic, Street Fighter, Road Rage, etc. You can play games online too. The design is fantastic and the controllers are superb. At the start, you can also choose your language. The soundtracks are awesome. Games can also be sorted as per your requirements like release year, by alphabetical name, and genres or number of players.

Finally, it is the cheap mini-game console and worth to buy. If you need a professional gaming console then go for Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro. On the other hand, its high-quality joy-pads and clean emulation are the best at this price. In the end, we can say it is the best mini gaming console and better than NES Classic Mini and Super NES Mini.

Technical Information:

SEGA the most favorite gaming company of generations is the manufacturer. Product dimensions are 6.97 x 2.91 x 10.67 inches with a weight of 3.49 ounces. Users rated is as we can think of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.

Gaming Console Buyer’s Guide and Assessment – FAQs

We have discussed everything about the video game console, whether their features, functions, and technology. But some basic questions arise in the mind and we are going to tell you their answers as well:

What is a video game console and what is its future?

Currently, gaming consoles exposure has changed. You can live stream video, live play games with friends, share your games recording. Gaming consoles also works with voice commands, as well as browse the web with built-in web browsers. It also allows you to use YouTube, Netflix, and other video streaming sites. The next generation of gaming will change with Google Stadia. There will be no need for any gaming console or high power PCs. For this, you just need to login to the platform play the latest and most resource-intensive games.

How video game console work?

The gaming console is a device that would be connected to the television of LED and start playing your favorite games. For general information there are not such games are available by default on the television. There are controllers attached to the console (they came along with game console) sometimes you have to buy controllers from the market. There are some video game consoles with built-in games. But for your favorite games, you have to buy DVDs, games cartridges, and other storage media from the market.

Is it support future games?

Truly, it is not, it lasts as the game was compatible with it you could play it.

What are the Handheld Gaming Consoles benefits?

As mentioned earlier, if you are a traveler, handheld gaming consoles are the solutions. It means that you don’t need to wait to reach home to play your favorite game on television. Nintendo Switch is one of the examples.

Is gaming console is only for games?

A simple and straight answer is NO. It’s not only for the gamer who plays games on it. Some people buy them multimedia purposes, for example, to watch movies or use video streaming websites like Netflix and YouTube. All the new generation devices moving forward from specialization to generalization. For example, your smartphone works as a pc and laptop to provide maximum facilities. Some examples work for smartwatches and smart televisions. For that purpose, the gaming consoles are also extending its features to the smart world.

What are the top brands of video game consoles?

  • Nintendo
  • Sony
  • Microsoft

These are the top three most rated, most purchased and most wanted best video gaming console companies. There are also some other gaming consoles but these three share the majority of the market.

This is the 8th generation gaming console period. Sony manufacturing PlayStation from the years and latest is the PS 5. Microsoft’s Xbox is the top video game console, Xbox S is one of them but the new one is Xbox X. Nintendo’s company, the Nintendo Switch is top of all of the three mentioned gaming companies.

What are Game Controllers and functions?

Top taste of gaming experience, the controllers play a vital role. The PlayStation and Xbox both prepared to thrive in that reverence. As both, the companies designed very nice gamepads. They work appealing healthy with their features. Controllers attached to the console and they came along with game console mostly, sometimes you have to buy controllers from the market.

What’s the Future of Games and Gaming Consoles?

Future of the video games is very high rated technology. Sony is going to release PS 5 in the near months. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is already launched. All technical specifications have already been revealed to the general public. The future is very exciting related to video games and video game consoles.

If you want to enjoy all the new and latest gaming technology then you must upgrade your consoles to the best gaming console as listed above.

Conclusion and Final Words

It is really difficult to choose the best gaming console as per their functions, features, and reliability. As you know in these days, hardware and gaming techniques are changed compared to the last 20 years. There are two types of consoles for general kids and casual players and as well as professional enthusiasts players. Top categories are Best Gaming Console for Multimedia, Portable Gaming Console, overall Best Gaming Console, and Best Hybrid Gaming Console.

We don’t know what your preference in buying is but we are sure you will select one of them. As we analyzed each one with one another as well as compare their features along with the pros and cons to finalize the list of top consoles. We also mentioned that there are a lot of companies in the field of manufacturing new and latest gaming consoles for gamers.

However, our selection is pure on the technology they used and the features they are providing to the users. Name is not enough for making a product but there should be something worth buying. Nintendo is known as the pioneer for making game consoles for decades, and they improved their technology and now is a well-reputed company. They never let down their users who spend their money on their products.

Sony, Microsoft, and Sega are also big companies and they are also providing high technology to the user end. For Fun, Entertainment, and leisure moments just buy any one of the best gaming consoles and enjoy the gaming experience. We confidently say you will enjoy the real gaming experience, be happy, enjoy have fun with the best gaming console.

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