5 Heaviest Gaming Mice and 5 Lightest Gaming Mice

5 Heaviest Gaming Mice and 5 Lightest Gaming Mice

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Searching Heaviest Gaming Mouse and Lightest Gaming Mouse?

The best gaming mice authorize you to have fun at your finest. There are two types of gaming mice, Heaviest Gaming Mice and Lightest Gaming Mice. Using smart sensors and ergonomic grasps, a quality gaming mouse will give you that additional exactness and reaction that could affect triumph and rout in quick-moving games like Valorant or Apex Legends.

Like a finely stuffed stroll-in closet, there’s the best gaming mouse to suit each event. We’ve attempted them all to locate the best fit for you. Consider us your rat tailors.

Bizarre illustrations aside, there are stores of alternatives with regards to the best heaviest gaming mice and the best lightest gaming mice, almost one for each game kind. We’ve tried huge loads of them to locate the most perfect plans around. In this way, if you need to be awesome, hands have the right to use the best gaming mouse (close by the best gaming console, clearly). In any case, that doesn’t need to cost a ton, by the same token. Indeed, even the best gaming mice are excessively reasonable nowadays.

When purchasing a top gaming mouse, it’s essential to search for one which is agreeable, heaviest gaming mice, and lightest gaming mice. Utilizing heavier, bigger mice also need for professional gamers; on the other hand, picking a lightweight mouse is incredible for the users who want the lightest gaming mice. The lightest gaming mice are lightweight, brisk moving mice with subtle links to guarantee the greatest solace and versatility when gaming.

Heaviest Gaming Mice Recommendations

ASUS ROG SpathaBest Heaviest Mousecheck price
SteelSeries Rival 650 Best Wired (600) Premium Optioncheck price
Logitech G602 Wireless Best Budget Optioncheck price
Corsair Scimitar ProBest RGB Mousecheck price
Logitech G603 WirelessModerate Gaming Mousecheck price

1. ASUS ROG Spatha (Heaviest Mouse)

Starts with the first and heaviest mice decision on our overview, the ASUS ROG Spatha measures a vigorous 183 g, the heaviest mouse on the once-over by a wide edge. Its weight comes from a magnesium composite underside diagram, attempted to be incredibly solid. Given its weight, the Spatha is an enormous mouse, making it best for anyone with greater hands or who favors a palm handle. For anyone slanting toward a snare or fingertip hold, the Spatha may be excessively colossal to gently use. With six sides attached, the Spatha can moreover be used for MMOs and games requiring extra keymapping. Another prominent part, the Spatha uses a supportive appealing charging station, considering basic charging when not being utilized. It can moreover be charged through USB to think about persevering gaming when missing the mark on the battery.

check price

2. SteelSeries Rival 650 (& 600 wired) (Premium Option)

Following up, the SteelSeries Rival 650 features a versatile weight structure fascinating to our summary. The different sides of the mouse have a removable opening with spaces for additional heaps to be put. Arranged in a way to ensure ideal harmony, the weight spaces give an incredible proportion of flexibility to the Rival 650, thinking about an essentially vast proportion of changing and versatility to find the ideal weight and feel for every customer.

Counting a two-sensor structure, the Rival 650 has a fundamental sensor and significance sensor to give wonderful precision and exactness. While the fundamental sensor distinguishes equal turn of events, the significance sensor gives an accommodating departure disclosure to compensate for any coincidental turn of events. With an especially featured mouse, it’s not hard to see any motivation behind why it was assessed by a website as the #1 gaming mouse in a couple of years ago. As a last extraordinary prize, the mouse goes with SteelSeries’ RGB programming to consider further lighting customization across its eight RGB zones. Note: Also available in a lighter, wired structure as the Rival 600

check price

3. Logitech G602 Wireless (Best Budget Option)

Third, on the once-over, the Logitech G602 Wireless displays an astounding number of features at an extraordinary worth point. The most striking attribute of the G602 is its novel, spaceship-like arrangement, with an emitted out wing as a bit of hindsight which goes probably as a thumb rest and equilibrium right and left keys. The additional 8 side gets and 2 DPI keys isolated all through the mouse make it a mind-blowing mouse for MMOs and conceivably MOBAs while similarly serving to add to its forefront setup style. For anyone dedicated to the Logitech brand, the G602 is by far their heaviest mouse and sold at an unbelievably genuine worth point. Its surprising appearance will murder customers searching for a more moderate gaming mouse plan, nonetheless, for anyone looking for a profound mouse with a noteworthy look, the G602 is an exceptional choice.

check price

4. Corsair Scimitar Pro (Best RGB Mouse)

Concerning the arrangement, the Corsair Scimitar Pro is a mouse that worked considering MMOs. With 12 mechanical side secures, the Scimitar Pro is ideal for the different hotkey solicitations of MMOs and similarly styled games. Adding to its flexibility for MMOs, the 12 side gets to sit on an adjustable slider, considering customers to change the gets to fit altogether in your grip. The second and fourth sections of keys similarly feature a completed handle, a charming touch allowing new customers to adequately get settled with each line of keys on the fly. For anyone searching for an astoundingly tricky mouse for genuine or fps style games, the Scimitar Pro in like manner has the most raised DPI on our summary, be that as it may, the DPI can be switched up or down to meet the customer’s necessities. As a last note, the Scimitar Pro similarly goes with Corsair’s Utility Engine to contemplate customization across its four RGB regions.

check price

5. Logitech G603 Wireless (Moderate Gaming Mouse)

Continue to go mouse on our summary, the Logitech G603 features a moderate arrangement with a dim/dull colorway and six programmable gets. What stands separated from most about the G603 is its unrivaled battery life, sitting at 500 hours in standard mode and multi-month battery life in LO mode. The LO mode is a battery-saving mode, ideal for use when web-scrutinizing or for regular tasks outside of gaming. The mouse goes with a change to easily consider changes between the two modes. The G603’s unbelievable battery life can be credited to Logitech’s “Legend Sensor”, a forefront gaming sensor that uses 10x less battery life than Logitech’s previous one.

check price

Lightest Gaming Mice Recommendations

Glorious Model OLightweight Gaming Mousecheck price
FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape TownLightest Gaming Mousecheck price
Cooler Master MM710Amazing DPI Range Mousecheck price
CTBTBESE Z100Cloud Based Programmable Mousecheck price
G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360 Ultra LightweightUltra Lightweight Gaming Mousecheck price

1. Glorious Model OLightweight Gaming Mouse

First, on the rundown, the Glorious Model O is a full-included, lightweight gaming mouse with an amazing number of creative highlights. The Glorious Model O offers superb wind current to your hands with its lightweight yet tough honeycomb-like shell. With their restrictive “climbed line”, the link has a liberal 6.5ft length with an adaptable link for unhindered versatility. The mouse is likewise accessible in a more modest “O-” form, for a considerably more lightweight gaming experience at 58g!. The Glorious Model O likewise accompanies a total RGB arrangement, very much loaded with different shading impacts, togglable RGB lighting, and progressed customization through their “Glorious” software program. Accessible in a matte or polished get done with two particular colorways for each finish, the Model O is an extraordinary decision for anybody looking for a strong, lightweight RGB mouse.

check price

2. FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape TownLightest Gaming Mouse

Our next pick is the hot favorite Ultralight 2 FinalMouse Cape Town get there in as the lightest gaming mouse on our dilapidated, a spiral light 47g. Much more amazing, the Cape Town (a name got from its creme and dim orange colorway) accompanies FinalMouse’s “Endlessness Skin”, a restrictive froth skin included with the mouse which molds to your hand to make the ideal fit. Accessible in numerous thicknesses to give a customized fit to each hand shape, the Infinity Skin offers limitless adaptability for anybody looking for a one-of-a-kind fit. It ought to be noted, with a maximum DPI of 3,200, Cape Town may not be reasonable for anybody looking for amazingly high affectability in their gaming mouse.

check price

3. Cooler Master MM710Amazing DPI Range Mouse

Third, on the rundown, the Cooler Master MM710 is a lightweight mouse with an amazing DPI range. Maximizing at 16,000 DPI, the mm710 flaunts an unequaled speed and affectability on the rundown. At the point when exactness and precision need to precede speed, the mouse highlights control for ongoing DPI acclimations to quickly change its affectability on the fly. Additionally highlighting CoolerMaster’s new lightweight ultra weave link, the MM710’s speed will not be hindered by prohibitive link. Novel to the rundown, the shell of the MM710 comes treated with a unique covering to battle the development of residue and shield it from dampness. Regardless of whether by sweat-soaked palms or a coincidental spill, the covering offers a pleasant genuine feelings of serenity for anybody considering the MM710 and shows an extraordinary scrupulousness by Cooler Master. The MM710 comes up to available in matte or automatic inclusive on the entire gloomy or all-white colorways.

check price

4. CTBTBESE Z100Cloud-Based Programmable Mouse

The fourth mouse on our rundown, the CTBTBESE Z100 is an extraordinary attachment and-play mouse with a full-highlighted RGB arrangement. Through unique cloud-based programming, clients can undoubtedly modify the mouse’s lighting impacts and speed, just as change any catch setups to suit your gaming needs. Any progressions to the mouse’s settings will match up straightforwardly to the free cloud programming included with the mouse, with numerous profiles accessible for any elective mouse settings you may need for various games. With a very much customized, simple-to-utilize interface, the CTBTBESE Z100 can be acclimated to the ideal lighting settings and catch arrangement for any circumstance.

check price

5. G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360 Ultra LightweightUltra Lightweight Gaming Mouse

The last mouse on the rundown, the G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360 Ultra Lightweight is a strong, no-nonsense mouse with an exemplary matte completion. Regularly contrasted with Logitech’s G-Pro mouse because of their comparable size and shape, the Hati highlights an extraordinary ergonomic shape with a back that flares out to occupy the space of your hand. With its elastic side-grasps, the Hati gives an agreeable and sans slip gaming experience. As a last note, with its Teflon feet (the part in contact with the mousepad) contrasted with the standard PTFE material utilized on most mice, a few clients may wish to purchase custom feet for the Hati.

check price

Gaming Mouse Buying Guide

Indeed, our main 10 rundown depends on what we like. This possibly may not your type; consequently our team bends advance en route for you to scrutinize the whole of the nicety below. With the purpose of, it may assist you in selection your best heaviest gaming mouse and best lightest gaming mouse.

I trust you need to realize which gaming mouse other well-known gamers are utilizing out there?

Unique Mouse for a variety of Best Gaming

Special great trademark are approaching up through innovative gaming mouse thoughts and objects time and again. The great names include Razer, Logitech, Mad Catz, etc only the tip of the iceberg.

Gamers suit familiar in the midst of their verdict in playoffs prior in receipt of their professional gaming mouse. Products from such trademarks formulate up the ramshackle of the best gaming mouse for professional gamers in 2022. Whereas straighten out on your choice you have to deal with the conflicting concern of reward, fundamentally, super and hot favorite games are given addicted to three categorizations:

  • Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)
  • Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
  • First Person Shooter (FPS)

Nearly every pro gamers incline headed for a pair of those three game types. Some may get a kick out of the chance to play each classification and get each game that hits the market. A heaviest gaming mouse similar to ASUS ROG Spatha would perform fine designed for all type of games. Contrariwise Logitech G502 finds real success at MMO games. For instance, you may not at all obtain sufficient level of games like League of legends, while you not contain this super gaming mouse.

Various Kind of Mice Grips

Forceful hold position carry concerning attack compilation in PC gaming. Every gamer is more agreeable at one hold type over the other. Whereas preference your nice gaming mouse, you be supposed to choose incredible so as to contain your number one gaming mouse grasp. There are 3 categories of hold positions that usually resemble by professional gamers.

Palm or Hand Grip

In the palm grip, clutch your hand place on the gaming mouse. At the point, while you reminiscent to experience your hand invigorated, this is most probably your number one hold.

Claw Grip

It is the same as palm hold for certain changes. The pointer and the center finger are curved in reverse to make an opposite plot for clicking.

Fingertip Grip

Merely two fingers and your thumb end up contacting the gaming mouse in fingertip grip. Your palm residue obvious the entire around completely.

Various Mice Concepts you should know about


Gaming mice must be brilliant to provide food for all gamer’s necessities. Current mice are fit for trying not to enlist flighty hand movements. Gaming Mouse isn’t commonly practical because accuracy is to a great extent undermined during interactivity.


Mice affect-ability is estimated in Dots per inch (DPI) or characters per inch(CPI). DPI/CPI is able to anyplace as of hardly any hundreds to few thousands. The superior the DPI, the quicker the mouse can precede onward a display. On the other hand, the affability of in the least good gaming mouse in 2022.


Nearby you can find two nature of the sensor in a gaming mice-optical as well as laser. Even on the harshest surfaces, the optical sensor is fit. Laser sensor, notwithstanding, executes enhanced on sharp exterior. In that kind of place, the laser sensor proceeds exceptional DPI.


The proportion of indicator velocity to the pace of hand development characterizes the quickening of the gaming mouse. It’s measure in G power, where one G approaches 9.8 meters each second. Gamers require to treaty with increasing speed frequently as they want additional hand expansion.

Surveying Rate

The surveying rate alludes to the exchange and reaction rate among mice and PC. Analyzing rate deliberate in hertz as well as essentially runs between 250 Hz to 1000 Hz on several gaming mouse. While the gaming mouse is edging, the launch in sequence is handled primary earlier than the stir is completed on monitor.

Programmable Buttons

Programmable catches construct gaming mice and gaming keyboards seriously energizing. Best gaming mice ordinarily contain catches that may transformed keen on hotkeys for carry out in-game actions much speedier. For instance, you could notice expert sharpshooter catches there on FPS clear gaming mouse.


With programmable catches comes a bunch of profile settings. You may also determine various activities intended for grasps while changing characters in any game. By means of an analogous gaming mouse, you possibly will simply change between classifications and games.

Takeoff Distance

Takeoff space is how lofty the gaming mouse can be elevated as of the surface prior to be in motion developments get lethargic. Gaming mouse encoding might establish to be helpful to modify lift-off distance. In serious gaming, the takeoff distance assumes a huge part.


Last yet not least, weight matters as well. Relatively few gamers care much about it. However, weight decides the degree of feel during ongoing interaction. Customizable loads are a moving idea in gaming mice nowadays. Adjusting it assists with making forecasts simple and expands ease.

More about Buying Guide

There is no rejecting that buy best gamings mice contain gotten variety of a need for several persons, a number of achieve it just to end their gaming PC, whereas others do simply for it.

Be that as it may, there is something noteworthy, a batch of pro gamers don’t encompass the foggiest initiative. Purchasing a gaming mouse doesn’t imply that your abilities will improve by an extraordinary measure. Exclusive of a hesitation, a gaming mouse possibly will assist you various ways, yet if you are getting it only for improving your abilities; at that summit you are inaccurate.

On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea, generally proficient, e-sports gamers are winning all the rivalries without the utilization of a gaming mouse, and indeed, it comes as a stun, however, they have gone on the record and expressed that they favor a standard mouse better essentially because they are utilized to it.

With that far removed, that doesn’t imply that gaming mice are simply gimmicky because they are not. Because of their high DPI, programmable catches, adaptable macros, and a ton of different highlights that are reasonable for gamers. That is the reason the market is so soaked with gaming mice, there is simply an excessive number of choices for the normal gamer to look over, and keeping in mind that it is unquestionably something to be thankful for, it additionally makes a client extremely confounded.

Fortunately, to make things simpler for the shoppers, just as for every individual who is perusing this article, the decision of gaming mice should help them pick the one they need. That is the reason we felt free to utilize mice from every value gathering, just as gaming mice that were customized to explicit individuals or sort of games like the Razer Naga Hex V2 that is constructed explicitly for the MOBA gamers.

Ideally, this rundown ought to address your gaming mice purchasing misfortunes, and you will want to purchase the ideal gaming mouse that will supplement your play style, just as the kind of grasp you have.

With that far removed, that doesn’t imply that gaming mice are simply gimmicky because they are not. Because of their high DPI, programmable catches, adaptable macros, and a ton of different highlights that are reasonable for gamers. That is the reason the market is so soaked with gaming mice, there is simply an excessive number of choices for the normal gamer to look over, and keeping in mind that it is unquestionably something to be thankful for, it additionally makes a client extremely confounded.

Fortunately, to make things simpler for the shoppers, just as for every individual who is perusing this article, the decision of gaming mice should help them pick the one they need. That is the reason we felt free to utilize mice from every value gathering, just as gaming mice that were customized to explicit individuals or sort of games like the Razer Naga Hex V2 that is constructed explicitly for the MOBA gamers.

Ideally, this rundown ought to address your gaming mice purchasing misfortunes, and you will want to purchase the ideal gaming mouse that will supplement your play style, just as the kind of grasp you have.

What to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Mouse

Advantages Of A Heavier Gaming Mouse:

When purchasing a gaming mouse, weight is quite possibly the main contemplations to consider. The heaviest gaming mouse will be most appropriate for anybody with greater hands or who appreciates a weightier feel when gaming. Heavier gaming mice are likewise ideal for any individual who favors utilizing a palm hold when gaming.

What is mouse DPI:

The DPI or spots per inch is worth used to quantify how delicate a mouse is. A mouse with a higher DPI will have more sensors present and move the cursor farther when being utilized. While a higher DPI doesn’t connect to a superior mouse, the higher the DPI estimation of the mouse, the more delicate it will be.

Different contemplations when purchasing a gaming mouse:

Past weight and DPI, factors like RGB, and the kind of sensor in a mouse can help you restricted your hunt when purchasing a mouse. As to, the two most regular sorts are laser and optical sensors. Laser sensors, while not as precise, work better on an assortment of surfaces. Rather than this, optical sensors are by and large more precise yet perform inadequately when not utilized on a mousepad. At long last, regardless of whether you lean toward a wired or remote mouse may affect when settling on your choice on which mouse to purchase.

Know More About DPI:

One helpful measurement to contrast mice and is DPI or Dots Per Inch, a worth used to quantify the affectability of a mouse. DPI estimates the number of sensors in each mouse, sensors which identify any developments when a mouse is being utilized. The higher the DPI esteem, the more touchy a mouse will be because of the expanded number of sensors. However a higher DPI doesn’t compare to a superior mouse, yet one in particular which is more touchy to development. Most present-day mice have a scope of DPI esteems, taking into consideration an adjusting of the mouse’s affect ability relying upon the client’s requirements.

Wired/Wireless Mice: Pros and Cons

Another thought when purchasing a gaming mouse is whether to pick one with a wired association or a remote association. Wired mice have the benefit of never waiting to be charged and not experiencing any info idleness due to having an immediate association with the PC. The inconvenience most referred to for wired mice is the link can regularly get tangled and forestall a full scope of movement. It likewise fills in as another conceivable purpose of mileage for the mouse. Fortunately, most quality wired mice have tended to these issues by consolidating longer, twisted links produced using lightweight and sturdy materials.

Conversely, remote mice are associated through USB connectors or Bluetooth associations, taking into consideration a string-free encounter. The disadvantage to this adaptability is the need to consistently charge a remote mouse or supplant its batteries.

Additional Buttons:

Current gaming mice regularly accompany extra fastens in an assortment of spots on the mouse. Frequently on the sides or around the parchment wheel, these extra fastens can offer brisk easy routes and regularly be allocated to explicit hotkeys in-game. Regardless of whether this additional adaptability will be helpful to you will rely upon what games you play and your inclinations concerning the ergonomics and utility of your mouse.


Best Heaviest Gaming Mouse

When taking a gander at the heaviest gaming mouse, the most ideal decision for you will rely upon your very own inclinations and the sort of PC games you intend to play. Past weight, factors like RGB, DPI, and extra fasten for added key mapping is everything to consider when purchasing a gaming mouse. For anybody hoping to save on a gaming mouse, the wired assortments will frequently cost considerably less, however will likewise weigh less as an outcome of not utilizing batteries.

Best Lightest Gaming Mouse

While picking a lightweight gaming mouse, the best model will boil down to various individual inclinations. In particular, the size of the mouse comparative with your hands will be the greatest factor in deciding solace, alongside the different styles of holds utilized when gaming (paw, tip, palm, and so on) The DPI of the mouse ought to likewise be considered, contingent upon the sort of games you will play. Along these lines, extra fastens might be valuable while picking a mouse. At long last, the significance of RGB highlights in a gaming mouse will differ from one client to another.

Both the top heaviest gaming mice and the lightest gaming mice work great with the best gaming laptops and other gadgets you want to use. If you need the best gaming keyboard you must read the reviews. Gaming lovers also love PC gaming chairs.

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